Opportunities in China for the Automation Industry

Market opportunities for industrial automation system suppliers continue to grow across China each year. In 2011, the market for machinery products was valued at $335 billion USD, and is expected to maintain a 13% growth rate through 2016. The largest demands in the machinery sector are in motion control products, motors and drives as well as mechanics for electrical drives. These items account for 60 percent of all automation goods sold in China.
“Machinery production in the U.S. had a very strong first quarter in 2012 with approximately 8 percent growth, compared to the first quarter of 2011,” IMS Research reports says.
Automation providers must respond to these developments, and adjust their business models in terms of strategy and operations.
Though Chinese customers welcome U.S.-made products in general, BUT they still prefer to have localized customer support from a manufacturer, such as on-site training, service centers in China, local representatives, and catalogues and manuals in Chinese. While a rapidly growing percentage of the management work-force in first-tier cities speak English, U.S. exporters should understand the limits of the English language proficiency in China and do their utmost to see that all materials are “user friendly”, in other words, in good Chinese. On a similar note, certain modifications must be made to accommodate local tastes, customs and systems.
Alphatrad has been an export partner for over 35 years. In order to better serve its clients and due to increasing demand Alphatrad has initiated new partnerships to be able to offer the same quality but with better rates in Chinese and Russian. Alphatrad offers these languages knowing that it can offer 100% quality and accuracy.

Alphatrad has chosen to specialize in technical translations. For years industry leaders have come to rely on Alphatrad for industrial document translations, technical translations of manuals, guides and brochures used in international sales, support or training programs. Its greatest technical translation expertise lies in: CMS, Product & user manuals, Technical drawings (design & manufacture), Technical documentation (UI strings and software), …
You need to localize your business documentation and marketing messages to suit new Chinese markets. Quality translation can’t guarantee the success of your products or services, but poor translation can certainly guarantee its failure.
Especially in the automation industry, don’t take any risk by poorly translating a safety manual or even your marketing documents.
Alphatrad is proud to have over 35,000 customers’ worldwide small and Fortune 500 companies among its clients, including General Electric, ABB, Microsoft, General Motors, Ernst and young,Procter & Gamble….
“Don’t bargain on the quality of your translations, especially if you want to sell machinery products to China. Your safety manuals or any documentation need to be localized and errors free. The market is huge and you don’t want to fail, just because you don’t have the right Chinese communication.” says  Mr Ibanez President of Alphatrad