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Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2; coronavirus disease 2019) is a virus that first appeared in China in 2019. The virus belongs to the strain of coronaviruses, which usually infect certain mammals or birds and normally only cause mild colds in humans. However, viruses can change (mutate) and adapt to new conditions. In the case of normal influenza viruses, experts are always assessing future mutations and developing vaccines before the start of the new influenza season to combat the most likely changes.

The pandemic, which is currently causing disease worldwide and can be dangerous for certain people in particular, is caused by a novel coronavirus which, according to official sources, originated in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where it was able to start infecting humans.

Laboratories and research institutions worldwide are currently working on rapid test methods, vaccines, and drugs. Our specialist translators from the medical field are supporting companies and institutions so that information is quickly available and can be evaluated in several languages.


Symptoms, protection, and vaccinations against coronavirus

A dry throat, associated sore throat, a runny nose, fever, and breathing problems that quickly worsen, are indicative of Covid-19 infection, but most people experience a mild dose of the disease and some patients with positive tests do not have any symptoms.

However, older people and people with previous illnesses are more at risk. Careful hand washing (at least 20 seconds) and keeping your distance from other people, as the virus is transmitted by droplet infection, are the most sensible measures against infection.

A vaccination against Covid-19 is not yet available on the market, but all over the world work is being urgently carried out to develop one. In Europe, especially, approximately 1.7 billion vaccines are produced annually and generally a good 16 per cent of the revenue goes directly into research throughout Europe.

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