PR and translation: Read all about it - whatever the language

Press releases translation

Big news can go viral in minutes. News agencies which receive and distribute breaking stories can communicate important events across the world at such speeds that those who aren’t able to have their press releases read and acted upon due to language barriers are quickly going to find they are failing to hit the headlines and in turn falling behind in the battle for column inches.

Press releases and translation

News happens in any language at any time and if your marketing agency is tasked with promoting the developments and launches of clients, sending out press releases solely in English will mean that a large sector of the media industry is being missed through those receiving the story not being fluent enough to how important it is and so passing it over for a possible rival with a similar story which has been translated for the relevant language and country. This could be even more crucial if the client is looking to break into the country with a new localised presence and so important announcements which aren’t being publicised by the various media is bad news for the PR agency tasked with gaining the coverage.

The solution

PR and marketing agencies which are serious about providing comprehensive publicity strategies must look to include the provision of translated press releases as part of their offering. National news on a global scale means looking to many who don’t speak English and so the way forward is to work with a professional translation service. The ideal company will only offer translators who work in their native tongue and can offer the confidentiality which accompanies possibly sensitive business information as well as being flexible enough to work to short deadlines in the event of a sudden breaking newsworthy item. Choose a translation service which has experience of working in PR and corporate communications as they will recognise the way the industry operates and offer this as a feature to new clients to show that the agency embraces the globalised aspect of how news now works in a digital and social media-led world.