Professionals for specialised translations!

Professionals for specialised translations!

2011 was a successful year for the Optilingua Group: its original total of 3,000 native language specialsed translators has grown to 3500 employed by more than 80 translation agencies! The Optilingua Group now also offers translations in more than 100 languages compared to its previous count of just over 70. Now translations are possible in languages as rare as Tibetan and Cingalese.

The result of our expanded service is now visible: translation professionals completed more than 34,000 translations and a revenue growth of 11 percent!

By expanding our translator database and our language catalogue, we can now better meet your personal needs and offer target group-oriented translation services. Do you need a business plan in Icelandic or a multilingual homepage in English and Azerbaijani? Or would you like help deciphering letters written by your great grandparents in the old German script of Sütterlin? We’re here for you and are happy to help!

We would be happy to send you a non-binding quote. Simply send us your document. You’ll receive a quote within a few hours.