Asian Translation (Chinese, Japanese, et alia)

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Professional Translation Services in Asian Languages

Professional, specialized Asian translatiors (e.g. translating into Chinese, Japanese, etc.) will have no problems understanding Asian character sets and languages. First, a short introduction into “the far east”: Asia is a huge continent and most people currently alive live there – more than 4 billion, meaning 60 per-cent of the entire population of the planet. In Asia’s 47 countries, languages belonging to around 19 language families are spoken there. The largest in population is China; Although, Russia has the largest land area. There are different ways of life in the various cultures; mythology, philosophy and religion require different patterns of behavior; written and spoken communication is widely varied. The most commonly distributed language family is Indo-European (not Chinese, Indic or Japanese); in Indonesia there are around 700 variations of language, in India around 415, 22 of them official languages; in the Philippines there are around 170. In China there are several dialects, only Korea has a single language system, but one that is also rich in dialects.

Experts in Asian languages establish a basis for shared understanding for all of these levels of difficulty so that depending on the sphere of action, the particular goal or objective can be achieved.

To enable business activities with Asian firms to proceed smoothly, both in written and oral communication, careful and unequivocally clear translation is necessary, because difficulties in mutual comprehension during contract negotiations do not provide good preconditions for successful business.

If you’re in need of an Asian translation service (e.g. translating into Chinese, Japanese, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us!

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