Linguistic and Translation Services ViaVerbia Luxembourg

Our language and translation agency in Luxembourg provides the following services:

  • Technical translations, manuals, patents, engineering, etc.
  • Specialised translations: medical, IT, marketing, business, etc.
  • Urgent translations
  • Legal translations: contracts, legal documents, etc.
  • Official translations (certified translators)
  • Website translations
  • Proofreading & Editing services
  • Page layout, publication and printing
  • Transcription of multimedia mediums
  • Voice-over Services
  • Interpreter Services (consecutive Interpreting, whispering interpreting, liaison interpreting, telephone interpreting ...)


Do you have a translation or interpreting project?

Contact one of our specialists on 28 48 01 38.

Telephone number from abroad: (+352) 28 48 01 38

Fax: (+352) 28 48 01 39


About Luxembourg

The European Parliament sits in Strasbourg, in the Louise Weiss and Winston Churchill buildings. Although there is only one seat, there are several places of work: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

The 12 plenary sessions of the year take place in Strasbourg – one per month except in August (none) and September (two) – and currently last three-and-a-half days each.

The parliamentary commissions take place in Brussels – the Council’s proximity allows the MPs to carry out a great deal of work with the latter – and there are also six “mini-sessions”, officially known as additional plenary sessions, per year.

Finally, the city of Luxembourg has been given the General Secretariat (administration and translation and interpreting services).