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9 rue de Condé
F-33000 Bordeaux
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Alphatrad Bordeaux
Name: France
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Linguistic and Translation Services Alphatrad Bordeaux

Your translation agency in Bordeaux: For a legal, sworn, technical or medical translator near you. Confidentiality and quality guaranteed.

A language agency near you

Firmly established in this multilingual region, Alphatrad has translators who contribute in Spanish, German, English, Russian, Arabic, etc. towards the trade that takes place in Bordeaux.

  • Translations:
    • Technical translations (engineering, electronics, energy, patents, material safety data sheets MSDS, ...)
    • Financial translations (annual reports, risk analyses, ...)
    • Legal translations (contracts, general terms and conditions GTC, certificates, ...)
    • Medical and pharmaceutical translations
    • Urgent translations
    • Official translations
    • Website translations
    • Specialised translations (logistics, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, marketing, food and beverage, insurance and many more)
  • Linguistic Services:
    • Proofreading & Editing services
    • Page layout, publication and printing (DTP)
    • Transcription of multimedia mediums
    • Voice-over services
    • Subtitles
    • Interpreter Services (consecutive Interpreting, whispering interpreting, liaison interpreting, telephone interpreting ...)


Do you have a translation or interpreting project?

Contact the sales hotline on 0809 10 25 25 or +33 1 69 77 88 00.


The city of Bordeaux

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bordeaux attracts a prospering tourist industry in addition to its business clientele. The conurbation has an international influence that attracts a large number of foreigners and accommodates 54 consular offices.

The Bordeaux region is open to exports

In the export market, companies in the Aquitaine region have made their mark in the wine, cereals and pharmaceutical product sectors, while the laser, aeronautics, health and wood industries’ competitive clusters are working on innovative projects. Research in biology, chemistry, optics and bioinformatics offers opportunities for synergies with local or international companies.