Linguistic and Translation Services Alphatrad Dijon

Your linguistic and translation agency in Dijon: For a legal, sworn, technical or medical translator near you. Confidentiality and quality guaranteed.

Are you looking for a translation agency in Dijon? Alphatrad is open 5 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm in the town and in several European countries, offering a professional translation service in all languages.


Alphatrad, experience and professionalism, first and foremost.

With 35 years’ experience and 80 sales agencies across Europe, including a translation agency in Dijon, Alphatrad is now one of the leading translation companies, working closely with translators around the globe.

Its translators’ level of expertise means that Alphatrad offers unrivalled services.

Alphatrad has also always stood out from the crowd as a result of its internal process, which is made up of quality certification and extended services. The presence of a translation agency in Dijon means that the conurbation’s inhabitants can now take advantage of the best possible translation service.


Our services:

  • Translations:
    • Technical translations (engineering, electronics, energy, patents, material safety data sheets MSDS, ...)
    • Financial translations (annual reports, risk analyses, ...)
    • Legal translations (contracts, general terms and conditions GTC, certificates, ...)
    • Medical and pharmaceutical translations
    • Urgent translations
    • Official translations
    • Website translations
    • Specialised translations (logistics, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, marketing, food and beverage, insurance and many more)
  • Linguistic Services:
    • Proofreading & Editing services
    • Page layout, publication and printing (DTP)
    • Transcription of multimedia mediums
    • Voice-over services
    • Subtitles
    • Interpreter Services (consecutive Interpreting, whispering interpreting, liaison interpreting, telephone interpreting ...)



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