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Professional Linguistic and Translation Agency in Lisbon / Portugal

Lisbon is the richest city in Portugal with a GDP per capita exceeding the European average and a service-based economy. The Port of Lisbon is the busiest port on the European Atlantic Coast. The city also boasts several marinas such as those of Belém, Santo Amaro, Bom Sucesso, Alcântara and Olivais. The majority of the central offices of multinationals located in Portugal are to be found in Lisbon and it is also the 6th city worldwide in terms of the hosting of international congresses.

The Greater Lisbon area is highly industrialised, particularly in the area south of the River Tagus. The main industries are oil refineries, textile industries, shipyards, steelworks and fishing.

For all these reasons it is regarded as the second most important financial and economic centre in the Iberian Peninsula and only Madrid, the Spanish capital, bears more relevance.


Our competencies at a glance:

  • Translations:
    • Technical translations (engineering, electronics, energy, patents, material safety data sheets MSDS, ...)
    • Financial translations (annual reports, risk analyses, ...)
    • Legal translations (contracts, general terms and conditions GTC, certificates, ...)
    • Medical and pharmaceutical translations
    • Urgent translations
    • Official translations
    • Website translations
    • Specialised translations (logistics, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, marketing, food and beverage, insurance and many more)
  • Linguistic Services:
    • Proofreading & Editing services
    • Page layout, publication and printing (DTP)
    • Transcription of multimedia mediums
    • Voice-over services
    • Subtitles
    • Interpreter Services (consecutive Interpreting, whispering interpreting, liaison interpreting, telephone interpreting ...)


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