The Optilingua Group has a new member: ViaVerbia

We’re beginning this autumn with a new impetus: starting September 2013, we have been solidly connected with the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, where we now represent a translation agency proficient in providing text and language services. Owing to the language service provider ViaVerbia, we are now able to expand our range of services to pioneering and economically strong businesses in Luxemburg, which is characterised in particular by an international market potential and an esteemed and industrious middle class. Many European services have divisions established here; the banking and finance sphere is likewise a strong indicator, for example in the insurance sector.

The extension of the Optilingua Group into Luxemburg, embodied by the association with ViaVerbia, permits us to amplify improved customer relations and reinforce our European network so that individual agencies can communicate and collaborate with each other more successfully and more resourcefully.

We have consultants in over 100 languages in our Optilingua Team. Our language professionals can provide an impeccable translation drawing on specialist knowledge, thus establishing a definitive basis for trust and understanding. From brochures to product descriptions, from technical, legal, or medical documents to proofreading and dubbing - with ViaVerbia in Luxemburg, we will create end-to-end solutions to meet any need, to facilitate and promote European and global cooperation through language and text!