4 reasons your business should be investing in translation services


Companies looking to expand past their own shores need to invest in professional translation services.

Their role is a crucial one and whilst there may seemingly be more cost-effective options such as free translation software, this is a poor economic choice to make due to their lack of accuracy and poor quality of output.

Here are four reasons you should invest in a professional translation service company:

  1. Experience

Bring a professional translation company on board and you gain instant access to a wealth of linguistic expertise. They have worked on similar projects to the one you are undertaking and can advise on areas such as how to set up translation workflows or the cultural impact of your marketing strategy.

  1. Resources

As companies expand, the responsibility of translation often gets pushed down the ranks to junior members of staff. Work quality suffers through lack of expertise and deadlines are missed. A translation service offers the resources when you need them and can handle the workload for you.

  1. Consistency

Internal translation through in-country teams can work to begin with but will quickly throw issues up.  This is particularly evident when a member of the translation team leaves their job and their replacement may translate differently. This can throw the whole context of previously translated work out of kilter when the focus and style of translation changes which will be an evident ‘jolt’ to the reader of the content. In turn, this could be confusing to customers if important words or phrases used originally then change half way through.

A translation service will use language standardization as well as set terminology translation for different industries. Add in tools such as standard glossaries and you’re looking at expensive tools to buy in yourself. Outsourcing the work to a translation service will save the expense  of unnecessary budgetary spend.

  1. Efficiency

Asking existing staff to take on translation as part of their job responsibilities is a path to marketing disaster. As well as increasing their already busy workload, those with no experience in translating will simply copy and paste the content into an online free resource; the result being incorrect work which doesn’t scan to a fluent speaker. A translation service will be able to provide dedicated staffing who will focus fully on the task in hand and leave your staff to concentrate on product and service enhancements, customer service or strategic developmental tasks.