Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2; coronavirus disease 2019) is a virus that first appeared in China in 2019. The virus belongs to the strain of coronaviruses, which usually infect certain mammals or birds and normally only cause mild colds in humans. However, viruses can change (mutate) and adapt to new conditions. In the case of normal influenza viruses, experts are always assessing future mutations and developing vaccines before the start of the new influenza season to combat the most likely changes.
City trips are popular traditional short breaks, with more and more travellers opting for a city trip especially in spring and early summer. Various developments in recent years have led to a real boom, with Airbnb providing inexpensive accommodation in metropolitan centres and cheap flights allowing for a laid-back and pleasurable journey. The number of overnight stays in major cities clearly shows which cities are particularly popular.  
If you’re an actor or actress looking for your big break, or maybe you think you have an interesting vocal range, you could be thinking that a career as a voice-over artist beckons.  
Whilst English is the most widely spoken language in North America, Spanish is almost as popular and the Hispanic communities have a strong position within the overall economy of the country – including travel and tourism. The Hispanic culture is a growing force in many areas of America; politically, financially and within corporate industry. To ignore the importance of this community sector means to actively miss out on connecting with  business leaders and to lose out on productive income streams.
Recycling raw materials that have already been used does not only conserve resources, but also helps the environment. After being used, plastics, building materials, glass, and other materials can be recycled using various technical processes and then reused. Glass is turned into new glass, plastics are pressed into granulates to make new containers or moulded plastics, and building materials can often also be reused in road construction or other meaningful ways after mechanical comminution.