Professional linguistic services

Our agency offers professional services via a network of more than 80 centres in Europe. We specialise in translations, proofreading, multilingual transcriptions, voice-overs, subtitling and interpreting services.

Technical and specialised translations

Engineering, electronics, IT, medical, pharmacyfinance, automobile, rush jobs, etc.

Website and SEO translations

We select the right key words for good positioning on the web.

Proofreading and editing

Your texts deserve quality control. Proofreading is undertaken by native speakers.

Multilingual voice-overs

Voice-overs bring your videos to life and we offer multilingual versions.


We provide subtitling in foreign languages for videos intended for international markets.

Audio transcriptions

Keep a written record of your conferences, meetings, and videos, with audio transcriptions.


Can be provided for your documents in a foreign language using Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Asian or other characters.