Specialist Technical Translations

Specialist Technical Translations

Our key strategies are designed to ensure quality translations, whilst using up-to-date specialist and cultural knowledge.

Our translators are specialists in their chosen field of expertise. All translators in our network have extensive technical knowledge within their sector. This will provide you with an experienced translator using specific terminology that relates to your chosen subject.

Our translators will only ever translate into their mother tongue. We will always look to provide you with a translator based in their native country, ensuring you receive an up-to-date linguistic translation with language localisation.


CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) Software

For all large and repetitive projects and for example updates to work sheets or publicity, we will use TRADOS. This helps us to reduce the cost and be competitively priced, whilst commissioning a fluent and consistent translation, ensuring specific terminology is applied and that the overall translation will be clear and concise.


Our specialist areas:

  • mechanical engineering
  • machine tools
  • vehicles
  • packaging technology
  • environment
  • electronics
  • computer science
  • solar technology
  • steel industry
  • paper industry
  • shipbuilding
  • textile industry
  • precision engineering
  • refrigeration
  • agricultural engineering
  • measurement and control technology
  • and many more ...

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