Translation of Terms and Conditions

Translation of Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of sale (GTS) are essential for securing commercial transactions and must be translated if they are to be understood and accepted by multilingual customers internationally. This type of translation is both legal and highly technical, requiring sector-specific expertise. To help you meet the challenges of translating GTS, Optilingua offers you a GTS translation service provided by a team of specialist, native speaking expert translators and sworn translators.


A professional, high-quality translation of your GTS

Our translation agency works with a team of language experts, legal translators, and proofreaders, and will assign you a single point of contact who will accompany you from the quotation stage right through to the dispatch of your translated documents. This project manager will answer all your questions and pass on your requirements directly to their team. Your GTS translation will be processed quickly and to a consistently high standard and if necessary, you can ask a sworn translator to give you a certified translation.


Terms and conditions translated into over 100 languages

3,500 translators

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40+ years of experience

100+ language combinations


The different types of GTS translated by our translation agency

GTS must appear on e-commerce sites to govern the sales and services provided by companies.

Here are some of the GTS that we can translate:

  • General Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • General Terms and Conditions for Services
  • Legal information
  • Privacy policy
  • RGPD documents and charters
  • Terms of use


Questions and answers about translating GTS

GTS are pre-formulated contractual provisions. They are used to simplify and standardise mass contracts, because their clauses are not negotiated individually on a case-by-case basis but apply in the same way to all contracting parties. For example, an online retailer's GTS apply to every purchase contract until another contract is negotiated with the other party.

GTS must follow specific standards and should include, for example, information such as conditions of sale, delivery terms, prices, and payment terms. The translator must therefore know how to use the right legal and commercial terminology and be extremely precise when translating.

For a document with fewer than 3,000 words, the standard deadline is 2 working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. However, Optilingua can provide a Priority Service option, with delivery in just a few hours, for an additional charge (calculated as a percentage of the usual cost of our services).


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