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Translation and localisation of online marketing campaigns

SEO TranslationsSEO translations that make an impact

Translations optimised for search engines (SEO = Search Engine Optimisation) are becoming increasingly important in global networking. With a multilingual web presence, you can position yourself internationally with Google & co. and address the information or news material to the correct users in a form optimised for the market and target audience. These texts must not only be translated professionally, with attention to detail and tailored to your needs, they should also be adapted by an SEO expert. This includes in particular the incorporation of:

  1. Keywords and their positioning
  2. Metadata (so called meta tags)
  3. Content (good content is fundamental to SEO texts)
  4. Headings (SEO texts thrive on "explanatory" headings and these often decide whether users read on, or whether they are not drawn in).

The Internet has become the "gateway to the world" in the truest sense. User manuals, online help, product catalogues, or travel information... − everything needs to be found as easily as possible on the Internet and in every language.

Over the years we have built up and strengthened extensive know-how in transcriptions and translations. Our in-house SEO Department works closely together with the relevant experts in each country, in which the text will be used. This ensures that also the culturally driven search behaviour of the respective target group is taken into account and included.

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Professional translations of Web advertising texts

We support international companies in all text areas with our professional translation services, as well as with the localisation of AdWords campaigns and other Web advertising texts - however and wherever they should appear! In addition to the translation, we optimise your ads so that the texts are not only communicated in the relevant terminology and foreign language, but also deliver the exact advertising message to the right target audience.

Of course the respective applicable guidelines for the creation of the ad texts are taken into account depending on the conditions. An AdWords advertisement for example consists of a header with max. 30 characters, two lines of description with 80 characters plus an ad URL and a target URL. Preferably you would create two or three ads per group, in order to identify which facts in the ad are the most "eye-catching" and are the most clicked. Then by evaluating the ads, a procedure can be established and the most effective clickthrough rate achieved.

In international business, if you want to run a successful online ad campaign, you must know and understand the rules of search engines, choose the right keywords and formulate the ads in such a way that they are so appealing, relevant and informative, that they stimulate the customer's buying interest. Simply send us your ad text and keywords for translation, and we will be happy to assist you in your plans for expansion − regardless of which specialist field or which country you want to make an impact in.  

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Social media translations that will inspire your followers

Social media has become an integral part of the daily life of many Internet users; these networks have now almost become an everyday part of many companies' online marketing strategy. Social business, i.e. the commercial aspect of social-media networks, motivating and inspiring partners and customers to exchange information, has meanwhile become one of the most important current trends. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and co. represent a chance for businesses to establish themselves on the international market, find their niche as well as new business ideas and stabilises market growth.

We will gladly support you in your international social media marketing, so that your promotional messages will be able to reach the right audiences anytime and anywhere. And remember: You should always work on this together with people who are attuned to the culture and the language of the foreign target audience; to their sensibilities and their individualities. Machine translation can't do that - at least not in such an elegant way. Only in this way can you form an efficient and successful basis for communication and cooperation.

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