Translation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Translation of Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS / MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS / MSDS) are documents providing detailed information on the properties of a chemical product. Today, the globalisation of markets has intensified the need for translation and compliance of this information in an international context, creating a major challenge for many industrial companies. For a reliable, secure translation that complies with international standards, Optilingua offers you MSDS translation services from specialist professional translators.


What are the issues and requirements involved in translating MSDS?

MSDS compile all the information needed to prevent the risks associated with hazardous chemical products, including:

  • Their use
  • Transport
  • Handling
  • Storage
  • Managing risks to human health and environmental risks in the event of an incident

The stakes involved in translating MSDS are therefore high, because public health and safety depend on their accuracy, as does environmental protection. Translators specialising in MSDS translation must therefore demonstrate the utmost professionalism, precision, and meticulousness to produce a reliable and accurate translation.

In addition, the technical translation of MSDS needs to meet specific regulatory requirements that suppliers of hazardous products must comply with to market their products in foreign markets. The professional translator must therefore be able to adapt the document to the specific standards of the local market and the type of products involved.


Languages required for the translation of MSDS*

*List of the official languages of the EU with their IATE codes (Interactive Terminology for Europe: database for the institutions of the European Union).


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A team of translation experts at your disposal at Optilingua

Translating legal documents such as MSDS requires absolute precision and a thorough understanding of the legal and technical language specific to the translation of MSDS. At Optilingua, we provide you with a team of translators specialising in the legal and technical sector, which is made up of experienced professionals, proofreaders, and multilingual editors.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of technical and scientific terminology, linguistic nuances, and the legal systems specific to each country. These native translators have a perfect command of the target and source languages and are fully aware of the issues involved in translating MSDS.

Where necessary, our team works closely with lawyers and legal specialists to ensure a faithful and accurate translation. Thanks to their unrivalled expertise, our translators can guarantee you a high-quality translation service that strictly complies with the requirements and regulatory standards in force.


Translations of MSDS in line with local and sectoral standards

After localisation and translation by a professional, the translated MSDS will comply with the provisions of the Official Journal of the European Union (mandatory headings, precise classification, H, R and S risk phrases, exposure scenarios, risk management, toxicological and ecological information, etc.). Our translators adapt these official translations to your specific needs and sector of activity so that the text fully complies with local and sectoral directives.


Our translation services for safety data sheets  

Here are the different types of safety data sheets that we can translate:

  • MSDS
  • Labelling
  • Health, safety, and hygiene reports
  • EU certifications and standards


FAQ about our MSDS translation services

Used as part of chemical safety management, MSDS provide information on the properties of chemicals. Their primary objective is to promote safety in the workplace by providing comprehensive information on the risks associated with chemical substances, so that users can protect themselves against them.

Under Article 31 of the REACH regulation, in order to offer chemical products for sale on the European market, suppliers must provide translated MSDS (although English is not mandatory in all cases). These MSDS translations must correspond in every respect to the original files and comply with local regulations, which is why it is a good idea to use a specialist translator.

There are many automatic translation tools available for translating MSDS into German. However, these programs often contain significant errors. The most reliable method is to use a professional translator who specialises in technical translation and has scientific and legal knowledge. This guarantees a faithful, error-free translation that takes account of all linguistic and cultural nuances.


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