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Technical translation requires expertise in the sector of activity concerned (IT, engineering, mechanics, aviation, etc.) in order to master the terminologies and linguistic specifications of each industry. At Optilingua, we put you in touch with a technical translation professional, who specialises in your sector of expertise, to guarantee you receive a final document of the highest quality. Our translators can translate all your technical documents, whatever they may be: product data sheets, instruction manuals, operating instructions, etc.


Good communication supports the recycling process
Recycling raw materials that have already been used does not only conserve resources, but also helps the environment. After being used, plastics, building materials, glass, and other materials can be recycled using various technical processes and then reused. Glass is turned into new glass, plastics are pressed into granulates to make new containers or moulded plastics, and building materials can often also be reused in road construction or other meaningful ways after mechanical comminution.  
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The aviation industry and translations
Airplanes, satellites, rockets – European engineers and scientists are working on countless civil and military projects. It is hoped that new materials and technologies will help reduce noise and strain on the environment, as well as save energy. Interesting facts about the industry:   The future is in Asia Businesses expect the following: The European market will remain stable – but with slightly falling rates. For Asia and the Middle East, however, they predict enormous growth. The following shows the significance of individual regions:
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