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Whether you need to dub your telephone voicemail, corporate or promotional videos, or any other audio or video content (podcasts, e-learning, etc.), using the services of a professional voice-over agency is a very useful solution. You will benefit from a bespoke voice-over service, with a tone that is adapted to your needs and the type of content. At Optilingua, our professional actors carry out voice dubbing in the studio, using state-of-the-art equipment, which guarantees exceptional sound quality.


Japanese voice-over services
Are you looking for a professional voice over in Japanese? You should take certain things into account when you are looking for the ideal provider, and you should ensure that the professional has the specific key qualities and skills you need.  
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How to find a Romanian voice-over artist?
Do you want to dub your audio or video content with a Romanian voice-over? We explain how to choose the right professional voice-over artist.   Voice-overs in Romanian: the essential qualities needed by the artist For a professional high-quality Romanian voice-over, you must first ensure that the professional artist has a number of essential skills.
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How to Choose a Russian Voice-Over Artist?
Are you looking for a Russian voice-over artist for your audio and video content? Here are some tips to help you find a professional artist and get a quality voice-over that is tailored to your needs.  
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professional voice-over artists
Below you will find an overview of the most important skills and abilities that a professional voice-over artist needs to have.   Perfect diction The first essential characteristic a voice-over artist has to acquire relates to voice and diction: They need to be able to give clear precise instructions while still retaining natural articulation, regardless of the type and content of the sound recording.
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voice-over agency
Dubbing in foreign languages including prior translation of the voice-over artist's texts is nowadays required for many types of audio material, especially for business communication. Using a voice-over agency to produce multilingual recordings offers considerable advantages, including excellent sound quality and the individual attention of professionals.  
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Opportunities for freelance voice-over artists, transcribers, and subtitling professionals
We are always looking for experienced freelance collaborators, typing pools, or recording studios to expand our network of language professionals.   Who are we looking for?   Voice-over artists We are always looking for new, professional voice-over artists. Representative and professional speech samples are especially important for applications. If you are an experienced and motivated freelance voice-over artist with solid professional experience, you can also be part of our team.
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