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The translation of marketing and advertising content (posters, product names, slogans, etc.) requires highly targeted skills and qualities. The translator must be able to preserve the intention and emotion of the original message, while adapting it to the culture of the target country. This is called transcreation. At Optilingua, our specialist marketing translators have extensive linguistic and cultural knowledge of the target country and language, guaranteeing you a final translation that is reliable and adapted to the target audience.


Translating a CV into English: How does it work?
Are you intending to apply for a job in an English-speaking country? Here are some tips to help you translate your CV and cover letter into English.   Translate your CV according to the country’s requirements The first thing you should know is that the rules regarding applying for a job vary from country to country.
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Creative translation services
Strictly speaking, translation is not usually thought of, as a "creative" profession. However, the translation process undoubtedly requires an element of creativity, particularly with regards to certain types of content.  
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Press releases translation
Big news can go viral in minutes. News agencies which receive and distribute breaking stories can communicate important events across the world at such speeds that those who aren’t able to have their press releases read and acted upon due to language barriers are quickly going to find they are failing to hit the headlines and in turn falling behind in the battle for column inches.  
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