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Digital commerce has accelerated and the translation of websites has become indispensable in all sectors of activity. Enabling Internet users to access your digital content in their mother tongue is an essential step in your company’s growth strategy. However, this type of translation also requires very specific qualities, which all Optilingua's web translators possess: knowledge of the target culture, and mastery of web writing and SEO codes.


Why translate your e-commerce site
In order to make your e-commerce site accessible to an international audience, you need to have the content translated into the language of the target audience. To guarantee the quality of the translated content, and to preserve your company's brand image, you should use a professional translation service.  
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Amazon Product Descriptions Translation Service
The US online mail-order company Amazon has had a presence in many European countries since its launch and despite different regulations on tax rates, almost all of its products can be easily priced and prepared for shipping with a few clicks.
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