News on Translation of Economic and Financial Documents

In the world of finance, it is often necessary to translate audit reports, risk analyses, financial reports, annual accounts or other financial or banking documents. However, given the complexity of the sector, the use of a specialist financial translator is essential. At Optilingua, you benefit from all the advantages of a professional translator: extensive knowledge of the culture of the target country, solid expertise in the banking field, mastery of local regulations and standards, attention to detail, confidentiality and professionalism.


How To Translate Banking Documents
The banking sector, like many other fields of activity, is subject to a number of specific standards, regulations and terminologies. Given the stakes and complexity of financial documents, it is imperative to use the services of a specialist professional translator to ensure the quality of the translation.  
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Is it Necessary to Translate your Terms and Conditions?
If you have general terms and conditions on your e-commerce site, translating them into another language can be very useful, from a transparency point of view, to reassure and inform your prospects or to protect you in the event of a dispute.  
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What are the key points of translating a financial statement?
The translation of financial statements is required in many situations: exporting abroad, internationalising an offer, or finding local investors or business partners in different countries. As with any financial document, the annual statement must be translated with great care, by qualified professionals.   What is a financial statement?
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financial translation agency enables smooth networking
Digitisation ensures easy networking between companies, both nationally and internationally. For the financial sector, this type of cooperation has long been taken for granted.
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Online Banking A multilingual service is standard
Classic online banking, which allows access to personal bank accounts via the Internet, was not invented in Silicon Valley but by a consumer bank in the Düsseldorf area. In the 1980s, this small bank made it possible for a person to view his own finances online for the very first time. It began with a self-service system in the bank's foyer, enabling its customers to access their accounts around the clock. The regionally limited service has now become a worldwide system that many people no longer want to do without.  
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Foreign companies with annual revenue of over CHF 100,000 will have to pay VAT in Switzerland
As of 1st January 2018, legislative VAT framework conditions in Switzerland will change for foreign companies.  This means that a foreign company with annual revenue of at least CHF 100,000 worldwide will have to pay VAT for all revenue earned in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This applies in particular to areas related to the real estate and construction market. As long as a foreign company is active in Switzerland, it will have to pay VAT.
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