Whether you are working on an internationalisation project, setting up a business abroad, or exporting to the global market, being able to communicate without language barriers is crucial. This is why, whatever your field of activity (medical, financial, legal, industrial, marketing etc.), Optilingua will ensure that you benefit from the services of a specialist translator, who translates into their mother tongue. Our translation, interpreting and other language services are available in more than 100 languages, from the rarest to the most widely spoken languages in the world.

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By Frédéric Ibanez, Specialized Business Translations
Professional Translation Services in Asian Languages Professional, specialized Asian translators (e.g. translating into Chinese, Japanese, etc.) will have no problems understanding Asian character sets and languages. First, a short introduction into “the far east”: Asia is a huge continent and most people currently alive live there – more than 4 billion, meaning 60 per-cent of the entire population of the planet. In Asia’s 47 countries, languages belonging to around 19 language families are spoken there.
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